a) Service page content guidelines
  1. All the videos and images posted in highlights should belong to you and should represent the service you have registered.

  2. Any of the videos or images posted in highlights or service profile photo should not contain any contact details or social media handles.

  3. Keep all the information including address, contact information, service description, service profile image, highlights and packages details up to date.

  4. If you are on a break or not providing the service for a certain time period then keep the service in pause state for that time period.
b) Code of conduct
  1. Respond to all the new leads as soon as possible, preferably within 15 minutes of receiving the notification. (To respond to a new lead, you need to first accept the lead and then talk to the client once their contact information becomes visible on accepting the lead.)

  2. Treat all the clients with respect and dignity.

  3. Never waste client's time by making delays in your service. Inform the client in advance if there is likely to be a delay.

  4. All the leads you get should be fulfilled only by you or your company members. You must not pass on a lead to someone else.

  5. Don't accept a lead if it does not suit your interest.

  6. Keep the status of a lead updated by clicking on the 'Update Status' button in the lead detail page.
c) Any background check on you or your personnel may be conducted at any time for any reason.
d) If you violate any of the above-referenced guidelines, Dance n Inspire, in its sole discretion, may cancel the listing of your service on Dance n Inspire portal.